Don’t Let Weeds Take Over – Call Blueridge Water Hauling for Vegetation Management

Blueridge Water hauling provides an integrated approach to vegetation management. The integration of spraying and mowing will provide the most cost-effective control of hard-to-kill weeds.


  • Spraying is a practical vegetation management option

  • Herbicide is safe with careful selection and application

  • Pasture management herbicides like Milestone have low toxicity to birds, fish, mammals and aquatic invertebrates but provide long-lasting control of noxious and invasive broadleaf weeds

  • We can spray in 4 to 20 foot passes with end nozzles that shoot another 16 feet over berms

  • A hand gun with 250 feet of hose provides flexibility in adapting to different situations


  • Mowing goes hand-in-hand with spraying

  • We trim around wellheads, gates, culverts, and fences to minimize escapes

Our approach is to:

  • Select the herbicide that provides summer-long control

  • Spray late to catch the Canada thistle

  • Mow later so that the area is clean for fall

Service Areas Include:

  • Oilfield and compressor sites

  • Reclamation areas

  • Industrial job sites

  • Waste areas and pastures

  • Lease maintenance: in addition to pads, our equipment can control weeds on access roads and larger areas and we can mow and spray as little or as much as you like

Why Use Blueridge?

Because we provide a full-service integrated approach, you can avoid situations where:

  • The vegetation is sprayed shortly after it has been mowed

  • The vegetation is mowed shortly after it has been sprayed

  • Herbicide is applied that doesn’t last the summer

  • Mowing is too early and regrowth reseeds weeds and it also catches snow

Blueridge Water Hauling can provide you more options. We also have the experience and the equipment flexibility to offer you better choices. To enquire further, please give us a call.

Water Hauling

We can provide potable & non-potable water to drilling operation, commercial and industrial sites, road building projects, campgrounds & sporting events.


We have the certifications and stringent safety policies to ensure the safety of our clients and their jobsites.

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