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We Have the Equipment to Handle Industrial Scale Weed Control

Based in the Eckville area, Blueridge Water Hauling has a range of equipment to help you manage weeds. We have our Industrial Pesticide Service Registration under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. Our trucks and trailers include:

2005 Ford F350 with dual wheels and a tandem axle 5th wheel trailer

2003 Ford F350 with dual wheels and a tandem trailer

Spraying Equipment

Blueridge Water Hauling has a custom-built sprayer designed to spray ditches, pastures, berms, access roads, acreages as well as rough areas. Our sprayer specs:

2014 Kubota RTV X1100 with custom-built sprayer

25 and 55 gallon tanks

4-foot to 20-foot spraying width: booms individually controlled

Wings can be raised to 45 degrees for spraying berms

End nozzles can shoot another 16 feet

Foam marker minimizes overlapping

Hose reel and 250 feet of hand-spray hose

Mowing Equipment

Blueridge Water Hauling has a main mower designed for rough cutting and a trim mower for close-in work to minimize weed whacking. We have:

5425 John Deere Tractor with 3-pt hitch mounted New Holland spinning disc mower

Tractor can stay on the road and mower bar can mow up or down slopes

Can handle tall grass and brush

X749 John Deere 4-wheel drive with 4-wheel steer mower used for trim work

Can mow around well heads, culverts, trees and power poles

To learn more about our equipment capabilities, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Water Hauling

We can provide potable & non-potable water to drilling operations, commercial and industrial sites, road building projects, campgrounds & sporting events.

Weed Control

We provide a full-service integrated approach for our spraying and mowing services to protect your property!


We have the certifications and stringent safety policies to ensure the safety of our clients and their jobsites.

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