We Have Comprehensive Health and Safety and Transportation Manuals

At Blueridge Water Hauling, we prioritize health and safety above all else. Our objectives are:

  • Zero accidents

  • Zero incidents

  • No footprint left at the client site or disruption to the community

  • No chemical spills

  • All waste disposed of properly

  • Maximize energy conservation and limit greenhouse gas emissions to the greatest extent possible

Safety Information and Validation

Blueridge Water Hauling has developed and maintains a rigorous Health and Safety Program that is documented in a Health and Safety Manual and in a Transportation Safety Manual. We’re affiliated with several national and international companies that maintain centralized databases of information tailored to the specific safety requirements of our clients. These companies are:



Avetta (formerly PICS)

These companies monitor:

  • Management system information

  • Health and safety, environmental sustainability, and quality programs

  • Injury and illness records

  • Audit results

  • Insurance certificates

  • Worker compensation and experience modifier

  • Training and supporting documents

Safety Certifications:

  • Safety Fitness Certificate for Provincial Operating Status under the Alberta Traffic Safety Act

  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA)

Health Certifications:

  • Blueridge water handling facility is approved and monitored by Alberta Health Services

  • Blueridge delivers potable water under a food handling permit with Alberta Health Services

  • Water tests and Alberta Health Services inspection reports are available on request

Vegetation Management Registration and Certification:

  • Industrial pesticide service registration under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act

  • Pesticide Applicator Certificate of Qualification for the Blueridge applicator

Blueridge Water Hauling can provide insurance certificates and workers’ compensation clearance letters and WCB premium rate statements upon request. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Water Hauling

We can provide potable & non-potable water to drilling operation, commercial and industrial sites, road building projects, campgrounds & sporting events.

Weed Control

We provide a full-service integrated approach for our spraying and mowing services to protect your property!

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