We Provide Water for Rig Shacks, Sporting Events, Industrial Jobsites and More

Our water facility and our potable water trucks are approved, inspected and monitored by Alberta Health Services. We maintain a quality control system that includes a disinfection program and monthly testing by Alberta Health Services provincial lab. All truck tanks, hoses, and fittings are of food-grade quality to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality potable water available. In addition to bulk water, we carry flats of water and 18.9 litre bottles.

Our range of services includes:

Providing potable water for:

  • Rig shacks

  • Commercial and retail sites

  • Industrial job sites

  • Work camp cooking water supply

  • Farm and livestock supply

  • Acreage cisterns

  • Sporting events

  • Campgrounds and provincial parks

  • Swimming pool and hot tub fills

Providing non-potable water for:

  • Drilling operations

  • Pipeline and vessel hydro testing

  • Lease construction

  • Dust control

  • Road building and compaction work

  • Fire guard protection

  • Cement jobs

  • Coring jobs

  • Emergency sites

For more information about our range of water hauling services, please give us a call.

Weed Control

We provide a full-service integrated approach for our spraying and mowing services to protect your property!


We have the certifications and stringent safety policies to ensure the safety of our clients and their jobsites.

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