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We’re the experienced choice for potable and non-potable water hauling!

From Sporting Events to Drilling Operations, We’re the Trusted Choice for Water Hauling

Blueridge Water Hauling is a family owned and locally operated business based out of Eckville. We primarily serve West Central Alberta’s oilfield operations and drilling rigs, and we also provide weed management services. We provide our services to commercial, industrial and residential clients.

Our range of services includes:

Commercial, industrial and retail sites

Rig shacks and oilfield compressor sites

Pipeline and vessel hydro testing

Farm and livestock supply

Sporting events and much more

Drilling operations

Road building and compaction work

Dust control

Reclamation sites

Coring jobs and more

Providing weed management for:

Oilfield lease and plant maintenance

Moving and spraying industrial sites

Mowing and spraying reclamation sites

Moving and spraying roads

Spraying pastures and waste areas

We Are Committed to Health and Safety

Blueridge Water Hauling is committed to conducting our daily business in a professional, safe and healthy manner to safeguard and protect our employees, the environment, the public, our physical assets, our clients, and their employees and physical assets. 

We are stringent in our commitment to comply with or exceed regulations outlined by the transportation industry. We strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazard that may result in personal injury or illness, environmental degradation, property damage and accidents.

Our employees conduct themselves in a professional manner that’s in accordance with our defined safety policies and procedures, the Transportation Association’s guidelines, and our client’s safety policies and procedures. 

So, if you need potable or non-potable water services, weed management, mowing, and spraying services, please  give us a call .

Water Hauling

We can provide potable & non-potable water to drilling operations, commercial and industrial sites, road building projects, campgrounds & sporting events.

Weed Control

We provide a full-service integrated approach for our spraying and mowing services to protect your property!


We have the certifications and stringent safety policies to ensure the safety of our clients and their jobsites.

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